My Daddy is 91 with no hearing left at all. He has been using his HA for 3 years now but weren’t working as well for him as we expected. But the Dr explained in great detail today why with so much care and compassion for my Daddy. Daddy wasn’t coming in for his regular cleaning for over a year. That’s my fault because I didn’t realize he hadn’t made it to them and will definitely make and bring him to his appointments every 3-4 months. Also, Dr helped me understand how to get Daddy’s attention, talk slowly, and directly to Daddy for him to hear and understand me better. Tonight has been like it was when I first purchased them for him. He is watching and hearing his favorite shows on TV. He can understand most of what I’m saying. He even said I can hear the microwave beep. I cried for joy. This means so much to him, our family, and especially me. Thank you Dr so much for your time with us today!! We appreciate your knowledge, expertise, and professionalism so very much!!
Joan McCarver, on Google
My husband needed his devices cleaned and was very pleased with the service. Very professional and kind.
Angelia Denney, on Google
Since having my hearing aids a little over a year ago I had the best check up at The Balance and Hearing clinic. The tech not only did a great cleaning but helped me with some issues I had in caring for my hearing aids. Great experience and I would recommend it for l your hearing needs.
Sue Adams, on Google
The professional experience was great. The lady was very knowledgeable see you next appt.
Elba Dennis, on Google

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